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Oppositiounsbewegung Mir d’Vollek was standing for election to the European Parliament

We stand for the peace, freedom, self-determination, sovereignty and friendship among the nations of Eurasia which together ensure the prosperity of Western Europe.

We therefore oppose today’s European Union, European Commission and European Parliament, which:
—act in the interests of international financial capital and against the people’s interests in peace and prosperity where plandemics (health, or rather, disease), agriculture (artificial fodder), climate policy (abandonment of fossil fuels) and war (armament) are concerned;
—mimic the US administration with anti-Russian sanctions, neither criticise nor investigate the blowing up of Nordstream, and replace cheap Gazprom gas with costly US fracking gas.

This leads to
—energy poverty in terms of both quantity and price
—mass unemployment
—mass poverty
—militarisation of the EU and
—at worst, World War III.

ALL party lists obey this agenda, which doubtless furthers the interests of international financial capital in the collective West but has devastating consequences for everyone else.

Opposition party Mir d’Vollek is the ONLY party opposing every aspect of this disastrous trend, demanding to know why the unauthorised Ursula von der Lügen, ignoring all EU tendering procedures, ordered experimental injections by SMS, and calling for her and all accomplices to be punished.

It is in your interests to support us with a signature and a donation to our election campaign! *

No votes for the parties that intend to carry on as before, sweep the scams under the carpet, and ultimately disenfranchise and impoverish you!

  • Campaign donations are welcome in cash at SATURDAY FOR LIBERTY or by transfer to IBAN account No BE47 3501 0303 9280, BIC: BBRUBEBB in the name of our leading candidate Jean-Marie Jacoby.